Humdingers Mini Golf


Humdingers Mini GolfCourse Features

The miniature golf course has one warm up hole plus eighteen (18) regulation holes. Each hole is a par three (3). The course has a unique design. We have castles, swords, ant hills, light houses, a brick house, bridges, a round-about of sorts, waterfalls, ponds, etc. You can’t miss our signature moose statue. This life size wood carving is a true work of art. We also have various other wooden statutes such as… three (3) raccoons on a log, one (1) sea gull, one (1) howling wolf, one (1) bear, and two (2) beavers on a log.

Come and see our stone fossil of the previously unknown “Miniwawa River Monster” ( not a real fossil…it just kind-a-sorta looks like one).

If you don’t like loud noises or are startled easily, please have someone else retrieve your ball from hole # 3. If you have a weak heart or are easily frightened, then you should skip hole # 16 completely . This is where the “Thing” (or “Things”) live. The hole is very dark and deep enough to put your entire arm into. Don’t be surprised if you feel something move. Relax, it won’t bite (at least we think it doesn’t bite).

In addition to all of the novelty features, we have various types of vegetation including trees, bushes, flowers, etc. The course is very colorful during the earlier spring months when flowers and bushes are in bloom or in the fall months when the foliage starts to change.

We have the following request for those patrons playing golf:

  • Please do not stick the golf clubs into the novelty golf holes. The electronic sensors could become damaged. The “Thing” doesn’t like to be poked with club handles.
  • Please do not bring food … drinks… gum … lotions…or other harmful substances onto the golf course. These materials have the potential to damage the carpeting and are very difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Picture Taking

One never knows who is going to play miniature golf or visit our ice cream parlor. We have accommodated wedding parties (bride and groom in full regalia), campers from Australia, politicians from Washington D.C., and several other people from who knows where. Most love to have their picture taken next to the Moose. We encourage our patrons to take pictures; however, the golf course has restricted access plus we need to observe posted golf course rules. Please ask one of our attendants for assistance for those patrons not playing golf.

We only have one major request that applies to all patrons….No climbing on the Moose or the base of the Moose please!

Protecting the river and our skies...

Did you know…

The miniature golf course is “bowl shaped”. A trench, filled with uniformly sized stones runs from the approximate center of the golf course (the lowest point) to the parking lot area located on the westerly side of the Humdingers Grille ®. The trench bottom is tapered toward the parking lot. Beneath the parking lot is a huge bed of uniformly sized stones. This unique feature captures storm runoff trapping silt and other potential contaminants, then slowly allows the clean runoff to trickle back into the river.

No light escapes above the horizon. Humdingers Mini-Golf ® course lights do not pollute the evening sky. The shades located on the top of the lights prevent light from being projected upward. This reduces the amount of ambient illumination which helps to minimize potential optical interference encountered by astronomers and other enthusiasts observing our evening skies.

Thanks for visiting … please come again

We hope that your visit will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for your business and please come again.