Humdingers Mini Golf


Humdingers Mini GolfParty Choices

Special Occasion Package

{Promotional miniature golf'food • ice cream package; subject to change without notice}

This special occasion package is available to groups (all members must be related or affiliated) often (10) or more people. To qualify, each member of the group is required to purchase a fifteen dollar ($15.00), tax included "Special Occasion Package". The "Special Occasion Package" includes the following items (no substitutions please):

One (1) Meal: Choices are ...
One (1) haddock, clam strip, shrimp, or chicken tender basket meal; or,
One (1) cheeseburger with one (1) order of regular french fries, or,
Two (2) hot dogs and one (1) order of regular french fries.

One (1) Drink: Choices are...
One (1)-16 ounce fountain soda, or one (1)-12 ounce cup of milk, or one (1) bottled water.

One (1) small Ice Cream with one (1) topping: Choices are ...
Any hard or soft serve flavor except premium Gifford's; plus,
One (1) ice cream topping (any topping listed on the Humdinger's Grille ® menu)

One (1) round of miniature golf
To keep the game manageable, players should form groups of four (4) or less people.

Special Occasion Policy

(Subject to change without notice)

  1. Reserved Seating:

    We will reserve seating on our dinning patio, the amount of seating will depend on the size of your party. Groups larger than available seating should bring additional lawn chairs. Please do NOT rearrange the furniture without authorization form the manager on duty!

  2. Decorations: {Banners, Flags, Table Cloths, Etc.}

    Party decorations on the dining patio are permitted provided they have been reviewed and approved by the manager on duty prior to installation. Decorations that damage the facilities will not be permitted. We ask that you remove your decorations at the conclusion of your event.

  3. Music: {Weekend or evening activities only}

    We have the capability to play CD's over the audio system. The music must be approved by the manager on duty. Offensive or vulgar music will not be permitted.

  4. Food /Drink/Ice Cream: {No pizza's, McDonalds etc., or deli sandwiches please!}

    Except as noted below, all food, ice cream, and drink items must be purchased from Humdingers Grille ®. At no time will any food, drink, or ice cream be allowed on the miniature golf course.

  5. Cake or Specialty Food Item: {Customers to supply their own cake or specialty food item}

    We can store your cake or food item in a cooler till needed. The item must be completely enclosed in a sanitary container. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We appreciate your business; please come again !