About Humdingers

Welcome! Humdingers Grille ® and Humdingers Mini Golf ® are family oriented businesses. The 850 Marlboro Road campus is just minutes away from downtown Keene or Marlborough, New Hampshire. Our facility has ample parking, reasonable prices, and is easily accessible. Humdingers Grille ® has a wide selection of dairy products, cold sandwiches, as well as hot (fried or grilled) foods. Humdingers Mini Golf ® is the largest and newest miniature golf course in the greater Keene-Monadnock Region.

What is a Humdinger?

Hum•ding•er │’həm’dinɢər │ n. informal a remarkable or outstanding person or thing of its kind.

-Source: The New Oxford American Dictionary

We believe that Humdingers Grille ® and Humdingers Mini Golf ® are in fact remarkable and outstanding places to partake in some good old fashioned “Americana”. We offer a quick and tasty meal, a special ice cream desert, plus a simple round of miniature golf that the whole family can enjoy. Our unique atmosphere makes this truly a “Humdinger” of a place.

Humble Beginnings

The original kitchen and ice cream parlor were housed in the main building where the Rocky Brook Motel ® office is currently located. Anecdotally, the business was referred to as “Rocky Brook”. The official name was changed from “Ice Cream Plus” to the “Rocky Brook Grille” in 2003. Eventually, the business outgrew the building and parking area. The business was moved to its current location and renamed Humdingers Grille ® in 2006. Humdingers Mini-Golf ® was also constructed in 2006.

Humdingers Grille ® Dining Facilities

Humdingers Grille ® is physically located on the banks of the Minewawa River (a/k/a “Rocky Brook”). The river runs parallel to the back side of the building, in plain view of the outdoor dining area. The shaded porch has ample room for rocking chairs, picnic tables, lawn chairs, etc. Swing sets (love seats) are located close the river and provide a comfortable place for couples to sit and eat an ice cream cone or other delectable treat. A large brick patio area is located to the easterly side of the building. Several picnic tables are available for all guests. The dining area can accommodate families or large groups.

Handicap Accessibility

The entire dining area, covered porch area, miniature golf course, and rest room facilities are handicap accessible. The porch floor is flush with the parking lot (no ramps or steps required.) The miniature golf course has gentle slopes, wide greens, plus no obstacles or bumpers to climb over.

A special order window is available for those guests confined to a wheel chair making order placement and retrieval easy and comfortable.

Van accessible handicapped parking spaces are located in front of the main building. The spaces are clearly marked with blue handicapped parking signs. 


A large gazebo is located adjacent to Humdingers Mini-Golf ®. The Gazebo is available to qualified guests for special occasions such as birthday parties, etc. (Humdingers Grille ® and Humdingers Mini-Golf ® rules and regulations apply).


The facility has ample parking on the southerly and westerly sides of the Humdingers Grille ® building. Overflow parking is available toward the westerly end of the property (Rocky Brook Motel ® parking lot.)


The parking lot area is completely illuminated during the evening hours. Additional lighting is located under the main porch area. Humdingers Mini-Golf ® is also lighted so come and play miniature golf beneath the stars.

Music / Public Address System

The porch area has a public address system. Food or ice cream orders will be called out over the loud speaker. Music is typically playing in the Humdingers Mini-Golf ® course area.